Committing to Racial Equity at Progressive Turnout Project

Living Our Values

Progressive organizations are not immune to white supremacist systems.

  • How do we create spaces for uncomfortable conversations without causing harm to BIPOC staff or putting the work on them?
  • How do we sustain change with strong policies and strong culture, so we don’t backslide between election cycles?

Building Up the Party

Our mission is to rally Democrats to vote — so to do that work well, we need a diverse staff that reflects the party as a whole and can capably reach out to every part of the coalition.

Sustaining Change at Progressive Turnout Project

One repeated theme in our sessions with Full Circle was impatience. Many of us voiced an appetite for moving quickly from an understanding of racism to concrete steps we would take.

Our Call to Action

We’ll have more to share with our supporters as our Change Team begins its work.



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