How Five Organizations Are Working to Reach Every Last Voter in 2022

Julia with Focus Action Network and Anton with Unity in the Community

Their Turnout Grant will make possible a new Super Connector program, including hiring and training 150 super connectors to each contact a minimum of 100 voters, then support those voters as they complete voter registration, vote by mail, and GOTV engagement.

Ava with 18by Vote

Their Turnout Grant will help expand their paid youth Civic Leaders training and Civic Organizer programs, connecting with approximately 180,000 youth and new voters across 18 regions.

Jordan with Georgia Shift

Their Turnout Grant will fund the hiring of paid campus fellows as well as a campus organizer. This organizer will support the training of student cohorts, and the implementation of campus specific voter engagement plans.

Andy with Shape Up the Vote

Their Turnout Grant will expand their successful model used in New York and Virginia in 2021, allowing organizers to scale the program and build relationships with around 5,000 barbers and stylists across Georgia. Funding will also support the development and distribution of outreach kits and data.



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